Hello – my name is Jenny and I am a design researcher and strategist.*

*I also consider myself an experimental designer who creates visual works using data, illustration, and sculpture.

I have previously worked as a clinical + scientific researcher, product designer for a medical start-up, independent multi-media artist, and freelance oboist.

Here are a few things about me:
– I work in many disciplines and within multidisciplinary teams.
– I apply a systems-thinking approach to service design.
– I am currently pursuing my MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design.
– I have 5 years of combined academic and professional experience in quantitative and qualitative research. To read my undergraduate neuroscience honors thesis exploring relationships between cognitive control and emotional processing, click here.
– I am currently building upon skills in: data visualization, systems mapping, workshop facilitation, and storytelling.

My current interests:
– Developing visual strategies that package and leverage insights from quantitative and qualitative data
– Designing tools that surface unconscious biases + attitudes for behavioral change
– Exploring the confluence of information processing between machine learning and cognitive neuroscience

As my portfolio is currently undergoing construction, please feel free to reach out to me at jen.liu.ny@gmail.com for inquiries.

Other places to find me: